»All Drag is valid and needs to start and grow somewhere«

Für alle ab 15 Jahren

DragLab is an open stage for queer and Drag performers. Founded in Summer 2021 by Metamorkid and Dopa Mania, the main idea was to create a safe space for people to express themselves.

DragLab started to give an open stage to performers of any kind. A stage for queens/kings/monsters and entertainers that want to explore and improve their artistry in a positive, community-driven environment.

Everyone with the passion can either enter beforehand by sending your name and song to @drag_lab or just bring your USB-stick spontaneously and join the party.
And for everyone watching the show, make sure to show your love TIP YOUR PERFORMERS and support them first-hand! All tips will be equally shared with every performer to stay fair and square!

Eintritt: € 5,00
Nur Abendkassa – keine Reservierungen

Mehr Informationen und Anmeldung als Performer:in auf Instagram: @drag_lab

Foto: Max Levante, Jako Flash

Im Rahmen von SKIN #4